“Threatening complaints” of parents who deprive children of motivation How to face parents and children talked about by the director of youth baseball nationwide V | Full-Count

“Before” Come pretend “,” Arbitrarily “is included.”

Parents’ words casually given to children may be hindering their growth opportunities. The 7th serialization of director Masato Tsuji, who leads the elementary school baseball team “Taga Shonen Baseball Club” in Taga Town, Shiga, which was a regular at the national tournament and produced pitchers Takahiro Norimoto in 2018 and 2019. “How to deal with children”. He warns parents that “it’s best not to pretend to be a child.”

“Please pretend.” If you are a guardian with a child playing baseball, you may have said it once. Director Tsuji puts his strength into saying that the word is “the worst.”

“If you want your child to pretend, you must at least say,’Let’s see the pretense’ and’Let’s pretend together’, because before the words’Come on.’ Is because “selfishly” is included. Children think that “please pretend without permission”. “

Director Tsuji believes that actions by order or coercion have no effect. Even if he points out that he is slacking off to a child who has set his daily goal of 100 swings, it is meaningless to say “please swing”, and sometimes there are even disadvantages.

“It’s not fun to go out and swing the bat alone in the dark, so it’s clear that you don’t take it seriously. Swinging the bat by inertia without thinking about the points to focus on can also lead to injury. Then, if the guardian goes out with “How many times can you swing the bat in 30 seconds”, the child will naturally swing the bat powerfully. It should reach 50 or 100 times in no time. If the number of times increases from the previous day, there will be a sense of accomplishment. “

What I’m thinking is “I want the children to be told on the ground.”



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