Third place for Philipp Lausmann at the Westphalia U13 Individual Championships in Herten | SKU

Judo: Before the start of the summer holidays, the Westphalia individual championships took place in Hertenn the male and female youth U13 in Herten. A total of six qualified athletes traveled to this event from the Judo Club Holzwickede championship on. This is the biggest youth U13 competition in a championship season that young athletes their age can achieve.

The following judoka started: Antonio Mallepree -31 kg, Levke Hülshoff -36 kg, Mara Fernades Pinho -40 kg, Nike Schreiner -44 kg, Joline Wortmann -48 kg and Philipp Lausmann -43 kg. Oskar Schlenker was unable to take part in the championship for health reasons.

The level of the tournament was consistently good and there were racy fights for the spectators to see. For the young JCH athletes, it was primarily about gaining experience. Well, the young JCH fighters put up a good fight and two judoka were able to place themselves.

Nike Schreiner started in the -44 kg weight class. Nike showed technically strong judo from the start, but had to admit defeat early in the semi-finals. Despite the defeat, she continued to fight very motivated and focused and reached the final for third place. Here, too, she showed good judo and good throwing approaches, but then had to admit defeat early due to a hold. In the end she was able to look forward to a strong 5th place.

Philipp Lausmann started in the weight class -43 kg in the male youth U13. Right from the start, Philipp showed great technical skills Judo and was able to defeat his opponents early. Only in the semi-finals did he have to admit defeat and was in third place in the final. Both athletes showed technically strong judo and gave nothing in this duel. The fight was evenly matched and after an exciting fight Phillip was able to throw his opponent on his back with a Tai Otoshi for ippon. That meant third place in the Westphalia individual championshipsn. A great success for the young up-and-coming fighter after the long Corona break.

picture line: The trainers Jaron Schankat and Fabian Langer (right) were very satisfied with the performance of the JCH team at the Westphalia individual championshipsn the male and female youth U13 in Herten.


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