The viral debate on Rudy Gobert that ignites social networks!

Rudy Gobert is a fairly polarizing player on social networks, with internet users recognizing his talent and son defensive input, and others who rely on his not necessarily impressive stats compared to other All-Stars. After his trade, he found himself at the heart of a fiery debate over his place in Jazz history.

After 9 seasons in Utah, Rudy Gobert will have to turn a page and prepare to discover Minnesota… While his name had been in the rumors since the elimination of the Jazz in the first round of the playoffs, the ax quickly fell during of the Free Agency, with an XXL exchange that continues to make people talk in the NBA microcosm.

If the consideration dropped by the Timberwolves has long been at the heart of the debate, since it should serve as a basis for the Nets in the file Kevin Durant, the discussions quickly turned to a rather difficult question: what is the place of the interior in the history of Jazz? A popular Twitter account sparked quite a heated debate.

Does Rudy Gobert deserve a retired jersey at Utah?

16,000 likes, nearly 2,000 responses… This debate has fascinated Internet users and it could not be more undecided. Does Rudy Gobert deserve to be immortalized by Jazz? It must be said that if the interior of the Jazz has multiplied the rewards and individual distinctions, he has never managed to carry his team far in a campaign of playoffs, where the great players are normally revealed. We are clearly on 50/50.

Yes. He’s their third-best all-time player.

Nope ??? 💀💀💀 What did he win with them? 😭😭

Rudy Gobert is arguably the greatest pivot in Jazz history and the face of a great period for the franchise. But the lack of collective success in the playoffs could play a trick on him in the debates on his jersey… Answer in ten years, at least.



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