The sub 15 of the Badminton Albatros, regional champions

CD Badminton Albatros will bring good news to Cuenca on its return to competition. After more than six months of paralysis, the Castilla-La Mancha Badminton Clubs League has been played, in the Absolute and Sub15 category, from which the Cuenca club has returned victorious with the only team it has presented.

The Municipal Pavilion of the Toledo town of Cobisa has hosted the competition, characterized by competing as clubs, with five games being played in the following modalities; Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles and Men’s Singles, the winner of the match being the one who wins the most matches of the five disputed (each player can only play two modalities).

The Albatros Badminton Sports Club found itself with the handicap that, due to the indisposition of one of its members who could not travel, it would begin each of the matches to play “losing” the Women’s Doubles beforehand.

The first match of the Sub15 Regional Championship was disputed between Badminton Moral de Calatrava and Badminton Drop Toledo, with the result being 4-1 for Moral de Calatrava from Ciudad Real.

The Albatros Sub15 appeared against Moral de Calatrava, these being the results of this match, Mixed Doubles won by Jimena Alonso and Samuel Rodríguez; losing the Women’s Doubles because it could not be played; Marcos Romero and Mateo Higueras won their Men’s Doubles match, while Jimena Alonso surprisingly lost her Women’s Singles match; thus, the victory of this match depended on the result of the Men’s Individual, where Marcos Romero did not fail, winning the match, for a final result of the match of 3-2 in favor of the Sub 15 Albatros Badminton team.

A new rival awaited in the second match, in this case the Badminton Drop Toledo, this match began again with the Women’s Doubles lost, although the other four matches were played with solvency, winning all of them by Jimena Alonso and Samuel Rodríguez in Mixed Doubles, Marcos Romero and Mateo Higueras in Men’s Doubles, Jimena Alonso in Women’s Individual and Samuel Rodríguez in Men’s Individual, with the final result of the match being 4-1 in favor of the Sub 15 Albatros Badminton team.

With these results, the Albatros Badminton Sports Club has been proclaimed Regional Champion of Federated Badminton Clubs of Castilla-La Mancha, in the Sub15 category.



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