The steering wheel does not stop in Oviedo: passion for badminton

Although school activity has long since ended, schools remain a constant focus of activity. This can be seen at the La Gesta school, where Badminton Oviedo has organized its summer campus for the first time after the appearance of the coronavirus. In summer, most sports centers in Oviedo close their doors, so the Oviedo club has to find a way to continue promoting its sport. The choice of these facilities is not by chance. “It has very good facilities, a large sports center that is ideal for us and they have given us many facilities, such as allowing us to park inside the school,” says Isela Miranda, one of the campus monitors, who sees activities like this as necessary since ” In the summer we saw, as a club, that there was a lot of demand for badminton”.

The campus at the Colegio de La Gesta began on June 23 and will last until the end of August. Hundreds of children will pass through the carbayón campus facilities, since enrollment is weekly, which allows for a large number of students. It is not necessary to know the sport or be an expert in the field to sign up, since the monitors divide the students into two groups. The first, made up of children with a certain experience, is left in charge of a coach, while the second receives introductory lessons to learn how to serve, play and shoot. The objective is clear: that everyone gets hooked on this sport.

The steering wheel does not stop in Oviedo

But not everything on this campus revolves around a steering wheel. In order not to saturate the students doing sports, the monitors carry out other types of activities to keep them entertained, such as water fights or visits to the Winter Park. “Each week has a different theme. First we did some special days related to experiments, teaching them things like the typical reaction of Mentos and Coca-cola. This week is related to movies and, for example, in a few days we plan to do a special MasterChef week”, explains Miranda, who confesses that the key for everything to work is that “children don’t have time to get bored”.

“What I liked the most are the experiments,” says Bianca Fernández, the clear example of what this campus can add to. This young woman from La Fresneda has already signed up for two weeks and has taken advantage of the visit of a “face painter” to put on makeup like a tigress. “Being here with all my friends is a joy, I am having a lot of fun. In addition, I have learned places where I can go with my family and I have known this school, which is very cool,” admits the woman from Oviedo.

Amelia Carrodus and Paola Castañón, for their part, have become great friends this week despite the fact that they did not know each other before. “We were going to play ‘princesses and queens.’ We all like them very much.”



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