The renewal of Darius Garland in Cleveland Cavaliers: salary, amount, extension and details of the new contract

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski Darius Garland reached an agreement with Cleveland Cavaliers to extend his bond until 2028. The 22-year-old point guard was eligible in this offseason to sign a renovation for maximum contract And it didn’t take them long to make it work.

Thus Garland will become what is known as designated rookie, a select group of players who signed an extension to their rookie contract before it expired and for maximum salary.

The Cavs secure one of the most promising talents in the NBA and who was an All-Star this past year.

This is the new contract of Darius Garland.

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How is Darius Garland’s new contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

The new contract signed by Darius Garland is subject to change and has incentives, so the final figures in the accounts of the Cleveland Cavaliers could be very different.

Ultimately, the final amount will be around $231 millionhowever only 193 of those millions they would be “guaranteed”. The structure of your contract would be as follows.

If he is not All-NBA in the 2022-2023 season:

Season Salary
2023-2024 33,3M
2024-2025 35.9M
2025-2026 38.6M
2026-2027 41,2M
2027-2028 43.9M

If he is All-NBA in 2022-2023, Darius Garland’s salary will grow exponentially to conclude at 52.7 million dollars in 2028:

Season Salary
2023-2024 39.9M
2024-2025 43.1M
2025-2026 46.3M
2026-2027 49.5M
2027-2028 52.7M

The 2021-2022 season of Darius Garland

games played minutes % TC robberies Assists bounces Points
68 35,7 46,2% 1,3 8,6 3,3 21,7

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