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Just two weeks ago, German national basketball player Daniel Theis was in the NBA final with the Boston Celtics. Now the Salzgitteraner apparently has to leave the club.

The dream world of NBA does not exist without its downsides. The 30-year-old center Theis has long since experienced this himself since he switched to the strongest basketball league in the world in summer 2017. What a professional has to put up with in return for sometimes unbelievable pay: that everything can come to an abrupt end in one place and that – often with the family – a move to a distant city in the huge country is imminent.

Barter with childhood friend Schröder

Theis looked like this after his move from Bamberg to the Boston Celtics in the summer of 2017: from the capital of the US state of Massachusetts to Chicago, 1,370 km away, to the Bulls (March 2021), from there in the summer of 2021 to a good 1,500 km remote Houston to the Rockets, and in February of this year, as part of a barter with, among others, his childhood friend Dennis Schröder, he returned to Boston, 2,580 km away. And now it looks as if Theis will soon be moving again.

Theis possibly part of a Celtics package

The American television station ESPN reports that the 2.04 meter giant is about to switch from the Celtics to the Indiana Pacers, who play in Indianapolis. The distance between the two cities is a good 1,500 km. Theis is therefore sent to Indiana together with other players and a draft pick. In return, playmaker Malcolm Brogdon is to come to Boston.

Theis only used sporadically in the NBA finals

The Pacers had disappointed last season and clearly missed the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. Theis, on the other hand, was with the Celtics in the NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors. However, the 30-year-old only played a supporting role for the record champions in the 4-2 defeat in the “best of seven” series. This may have contributed to the fact that his second station in Boston will soon come to an end and that he will move on.

Further information

Dennis Schröder is now playing for the Houston Rockets, from which Daniel Theis is moving back to the Boston Celtics. more

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