The new nickname of the Japanese basketball team has been decided as “AKATSUKI JAPAN”, and the new uniform will be the first Jordan brand in Asia! –Basket Count | Basket Count

Yuta Watanabe “As long as you have the Jordan brand, you can’t play unreasonably.”

The Japan Basketball Association (JBA) announced today that it has changed the new nickname of the Japanese national team to “AKATSUKI JAPAN”.

From the previous “AKATSUKI FIVE”, the nicknames of the Japanese national teams in various categories such as 5-person system, 3-person system, boys and girls have been unified to “AKATSUKI JAPAN”. “Akatsuki” is a motif that symbolizes Japan, which is also familiar to the Hinomaru, and has the meaning of bringing “the momentum of sunrise” to the Japanese national team who challenge the world. In addition, he said that he wants the teams that challenge the world to be united and supported without separating them.

It also announced that it has signed a partnership with the Jordan brand as a new uniform supplier for “AKATSUKI JAPAN”, which will make a new start. Japan is the first association supported by the Jordan brand in Asia, and it will be the fourth national team in the world after France, Croatia and Slovenia.

JBA Chairman Yuko Mitsuya, Yuta Watanabe, Japan Women’s National Team candidate, Maki Takada, 3×3 Men’s Japan National Team candidate Tomoya Ochiai, and 3×3 Japan Women’s National Team candidate Moe Nagata participated in the meeting. After the Tokyo Olympics, Chairman Miya commented that she “decided to renew the nickname of Japanese basketball at this time in order to make a further leap forward,” and she continued her strong feelings. “I would like to fight the world with the pride and determination of the Japanese national team, and I would like to strongly emphasize that meaning.” Energize Japan with basketball “, an existence that brings the momentum of sunrise to Japanese society in order to realize this motto. I want to be

Watanabe, who wore a new Jordan brand uniform, said that he was “a word of honor.” “As long as I put this on, I don’t think it’s worth playing, and I’m grateful. It’s a real honor to be able to play with the Jordan brand as a logo in the world, so I’d like to do my best.”

Takada also said, “I’m happy to be able to wear a uniform as the Jordan family.” “I was happy with the Nike logo at the time of the Olympics, but the French national team who played at the Tokyo Olympics put the Jordan mark on it. I was a little jealous of it, so I’m happy. “

This new uniform will be worn from the warm-up game of the men’s Japan national team and the women’s Japan national team, which will be held in Sendai from August 11.



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