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Dinner in the well-known wine shop at the end of a day spent between Perugia and Assisi

Nicholas Uras

Relax in Italy for the star of the NBA, American basketball, Kevin Love. The Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player is fresh from marriage to Canadian model and entrepreneur Kate Bock: the couple got married last June 25 in New York. Now the honeymoon in Italy with a stop in Umbria. Kevin Love in fact – Friday 1 July – was immortalized in Montefalco for dinner at the wine shop The Alchemist.

Dinner at the restaurant that won an episode of the famous television format a few years ago 4 Restaurants from Alessandro Borghese was the epilogue of a day in Umbria as witnessed by Kevin Love’s new wife, Kate, who posted some photos and videos of the day spent on her Instagram profile Assisi e Perugia (with a lot of shooting at the Carducci Gardens to admire the view). “In Italy we are being reborn” wrote the charming model.

But who is Kevin Love? The American basketball player, Californian from Santa Monica, 34 years old in September, is a specialist in the three-point shooting and is an excellent rebounder. He has made his characteristics available to only two franchises in his career: Minnesota Timberwolves (six seasons) and Cleveland Cavaliers (seven seasons). The high point of his career so far has been there NBA final won in 2015/2016 with the Cavs. On an individual level he achieved the award of best rebounder in 2011, triumphed in the three-point All-Star race in 2012 and boasts four calls in the All Star Game.

The Alchemist on the throne of gastronomic wine bars



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