The loss of Abián conditions the IES La Orden in the European

The loss of Pablo Abián, who in the end has not been able to join the team after passing through the Mediterranean Games, has been decisive for the IES The Order of badminton, which started with many options to get on the podium in the European that is being played in Poland, has finally been eliminated in the quarterfinals. Even so, IES La Orden returns home satisfied with the 5th place achieved in the competition.

The IES La Orden Badminton Club says goodbye to the European Club Championship without achieving the objective of going to the semifinals and opting for the medals, after being defeated in the quarterfinals by 3-0. The albiazul team has stood up with all its might against BC Chambly Oise, favorite for the title in this edition of the tournament, but they have not been enough to win the long-awaited victory. The people from Huelva thus close their participation with a 5th place in the European classification.

Despite the good level shown by the albiazules, the French team dominated in mixed doubles and men’s singles, although they had to fight until the end in women’s singles, after Telma Santos made it very difficult for the French player to get the triumph.



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