The fans were amused by the bizarre moment. The referee stopped the kick, the player was rolling

The guests took a luxurious result 3:0 to the rematch. But the clash between the player and the referee came in the eighth minute when the score was 0:0.

What happened? The referee remained standing in the corner quarter circle, which he sometimes does when it is necessary to suspend the play of a standard situation. The hand gesture looked unclear, rather it also stopped the establishment of the game, but the player may have gotten the impression that he could pass, even on the basis of verbal communication. However, he did not notice where the referee’s feet were.

During the kick, he hit him quite hard, but strangely enough, he went to the ground on his own. The fans could get the impression that the guests came to delay at all costs, but there was no need. they led the match to a comfortable victory, which almost guarantees them advancement to the next stage.



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