The false Jony Beltrán in what was not seen of the Red Bull Battle Mexico

Red Bull Battle Mexico 2022 was quite an event, but we all know that Yoiker got the championship and will retire of the national ones, also, that the local ones (Soto, Garza and Skiper) were the most supported by the public.

But in an event like the Red Bull Battlethere are many things that people may not have seen because they were focused on other things, but they are just as important or more so than the rhymes themselves.

Yoiker Red Bull National Final Champion

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Thank you so much Red Bull! You super raffled with the competition, but not only did the organizers blow the fence, they also a few freestylers and a few hobbyists.

First, although it might be thought that Garza and Skiper were among the most supported in the stands because they had been on the circuit longer, this was not the case, and Soto was the one who conquered the people and even some signs took him.

In freestyle battles, the public plays a fundamental role for the delivery of freestylersbecause in many of the rhymes they can be supported or if they release one or another bar, the battle can be stopped.

Jack Adrenaline blew up the fans and stopped Nova’s round of 16 battle, because with a combination of rhymes that had to do with water and Samuel García, he baited all the people present.

But, it wasn’t the moment where people applauded the most. The battles of MC’s, sometimes also have their sentimental side and with RC’s farewell, people gave him a standing ovation.

The famous guests at the Red Bull Battle

Freestyle battles are hitting people hard and getting more attention from people with a large following. A couple of famous young people were present in the stands of the competition.

Hasvik, content creator was one of them. He enjoyed the heavy bars and each one of the MC’s rhymes like few others, but he wasn’t the only one, well Rodezela famous streamer, was also letting off fire every time they punched.

During the final against Skiper, the man from Monterrey told him a rhyme about his outfit, specifically about his sneakers, so, Yoiker decided to throw his shoesdear by the way.

He left them on stage and was like that until the end of the battle… they could have become a nice souvenir if someone had found thembut fortunately he recovered them thanks to one of the assistants.

tennis loz found in the Red Bull Battle

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Photo: Special

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Photo: Special

The fake Jony Beltran

We know that in addition to being a freestyler and former champion of the Red Bull Battle, Jonny Beltrán has a famous career on his EyouTV channel along with several MC’s and Tessla.

The thing is, there was a rumor that Jonny Beltrán was among those attending the Red Bull Battle Mexico. He wasn’t in the stands, nor was he competing… so, Where was it?

Jonny Beltrán was enjoying the event, probably from the comfort of his home, but there was a fan who took advantage of his resemblance to the MC and went to the event almost disguised as the good Jonny Bsurely several asked him for the photo because they were the same.

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