The classic sneakers you can still wear today if you were born in 1994

The concept of classic tennis has become more and more comprehensive over the years. Before, when we referred to silhouettes Old-School o vintage It was, usually, designs that came from the 50s and 60s, with canvas details and VERY simple elements —that today we could understand as “casual”—. However, time has run its course and the innovations that at some point we could understand as disruptive or revolutionary, having achieved their goal, ended up being consolidated, laying the foundations for everything that we now consider a basic, to finally win the title of classic.

Of course, the irreverence of their origins and the rebellious character that saw them born were not necessarily considering that with the passing of time they could be considered as part of the culture mainstream. But it happened. It’s happening. And those models that broke with him the status quo twenty or thirty years ago today they are already a tradition and the starting point for the innovations that we now have; which, sooner or later, will also leave their subversive nature to form a new dominant scenario.

Thinking precisely about this and that today’s trends —both in the physical world and in social networks— return to the silhouettes that made hearts beat faster in the 90s, placing special emphasis on models designed for basketball, we have decided to recover the sneakers launched in 1994. “New” classic tennis that are perfect for those born in that year and who today are looking for the exact designs to have an extremely cool look; men who are on the border between being a millennial and a Z, and who need a middle ground between these two generations to look great.

Pay attention, because these are the tennis coolest of 1994 And they are still as relevant as they were back then. Whether you hunt for them or take them as occasional inspiration for your next purchase.

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