The British Open intensifies the war of the ‘green’

Although it was kept hidden so as not to detract from the British Open, the open war in world golf has not stopped at all. The decision of Sergio García abandoning the European Tour, as he had previously done with the American Tour to focus on the new bet of the Saudi LIV Golf, has been the latest bombshell in this regard.

From the Royal & Ancient, organizer of the ‘British’, it was announced some time ago that it did not want any external news to disturb such a special moment as the celebration of the 150th edition of this tournament. But it was they themselves who opened the doors to battle. First, by not inviting Greg Norman (head of the LIV Golf) to the celebrations planned for the former champions. Moreover, they did not even reserve a player place for him and told him that if he wanted to step on the Old Course one last time, he would have to qualify in the previous phases. The Australian, who won the tournament twice, welcomed the move with sportsmanship, albeit with great regret. They also tried to get out of the way Phil Mickelsonbut the American, also a winner and still competitive, preferred to keep a low profile and, not making the cut, was not a major problem.

Later, in the press conferences prior to the championship, both Martin Slumbers (representative of the R&A) and Tiger Woods, they charged the LIV. The British saying that after what was seen in his first two tournaments he did not appreciate that a 54-hole test without a court favored the competitive spirit and the values ​​of golf; and the American attacking those who, according to him, have turned their backs on the circuits that have made them grow as players. Which has led to some personal confrontations that have crossed the limits.

After a week in which his game was not up to a ‘major’ (as he revealed because concerns about the LIV did not allow him to sleep well), Sergio García announced on Sunday that he would leave the European Tour because he did not feel loved in the. And if that meant not playing bigger or the Ryder Cup, where he is the most victorious player in history, then he would take it with great pity. That his personal and professional decision deserved respect and understanding.

Before this bombshell, John Rahm He reacted immediately asking for a better treatment for his compatriot, taking into account that he has given 23 years of his life to both Tours and that he has the right to direct his steps where he deems appropriate. And without having to give them up because there is a new option on the table. “It is urgent that all parties sit down to negotiate and forget about the sanctions, because if we don’t we will destroy everything that has taken so many years to raise,” argued the Basque. As if that were not enough, everything seems to indicate that the new champion, Cameron Smith, will be the next to cross the line. Free circulation is essential in order not to put an end to current golf.



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