The Balearic Federation boasts of growth

The Basketball Federation of the Balearic Islands has held its Ordinary General Assembly of 2022 with a fact for pride and illusion such as having overcome the barrier of 10,000 federative licenses last season. The event had a good turnout with just over 53% of assembly members present at the Hipotels Playa de Palma Palace hotel. As reported by the territorial “the Assembly has been carried out with total normality and with an attendance of 53’125% of the assembly members.”

The president of the FBIB, Juanjo Talens, wanted to highlight the increase in licenses to all the islands and wanted to give special recognition to the Formentera Basketball Club, which received a diploma as the club with the highest growth in number of licenses since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. These data, highlighted the president, that value the effort and strength of the clubs in such a complicated time as the one that has been experienced in all areas in recent years. Another important point is the continuation of the ‘Feim + Costat’ program Through which the FBIB offers different financial aid to both clubs and families. In three years, 25,000 euros will have been provided in subsidies and economic aid.

Looking ahead in the short term, the FBIB is marking the goal of “promoting 3×3 basketball and, in this sense, Juanjo Talens has announced that the Balearic Islands will present a proposal for the organization of the Spanish U17 3×3 Championship for next season. The Ordinary General Assembly has served to stage the change to the sports management of the FBIB after Jordi Capó decided to close his stage at the head of the technical area after four years in office. The coach stated that “I have tried to help Balearic basketball grow, but without a doubt, basketball has made me grow much more. I want to convey that Balearic basketball, the Federation, the clubs and federates will have me whenever they need it. The position is already assumed by As García, who has already been working with Jordi Capó for two months.

From the FEBIB1935 Foundation They have also been present at the Ordinary General Assembly and have participated in different ways. On the one hand, they have given a gift to all the clubs present of a frame with an illustration of Bea Jedi with a photo of the Reynés brothers from the first basketball game in the Balearic Islands in 1932 in Sóller, on the occasion of the celebration of this milestone ago already ninety years. They have also recognized different people such as Vicent Petrus, Casimir Gòdia, Maria Magdalena Coll, Ángel Amigo, Luis Picó and Fina Servera for their work behind the scenes in favor of Balearic basketball under the ‘Indispensable Balearic Basketball’ award.



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