the astonishing revelation of Alizé Cornet

The French number one, who evokes an epidemic of covid in the women’s table during the last Parisian Grand Slam, fears the return of a specific protocol against covid following the packages of Marin Cilic and Matteo Berrettini.

At Wimbledon,

Covid is unfortunately making a comeback in Europe. And the world of tennis is no exception. An outsider, Marin Cilic and a favorite Matteo Berrettini had to withdraw due to the epidemic.

Asked about this, the French number one wanted to put into perspective “ There have always been withdrawals because players were sick. I don’t want to underestimate the Covid effect. There are players who have gastros, the flu. There have also been hecatombs in the past when there were gastros. There were two, three, four players who withdrew, it was just bad luck. And we had no protocol. The covid entered the mores with the vaccines. Roland, there was a Covid epidemic, nobody talked about it. In the locker room, everyone got it and we said nothing. When it comes out in the press, on great players like that, it will start to set fire to the lake everywhere and that worries me a little. Afterwards, I saw girls wearing masks, maybe because they knew and didn’t want to pass on. You also have to have a civic spirit.»

An outbreak of cases could, why not, force the organization to review the protocol: “ I hope they won’t. Already they took away the points. It would be the pompom“, continues the Niçoise. “ There is no psychosis. We paid the price and ate our black bread with a year of bubbles and tests. We all got vaccinated. You have to be consistent in how you do it. Lcovid is part of our lives now. We are not going to self-test to get into trouble! »

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