Thalía takes TikTok challenge too far; she would attack a famous baseball team player

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New York, USA.- the famous formerTimbiriche, Thaliaparalyzed his 19.6 million followers in Instagramafter posting a video with his challenge, Marimar Challengewhich could have gone a bit far, after he attacked a player from a famous United States baseball team.. Do you want to know all the details? So, don’t stop reading the next lines.

As many will know, for a week the sister of Laura Zapata shared a video in which he appeared performing the theme of Marimarsoap opera of Televisa in which he participated 28 years ago, which was the first production in which he participated Veronica Pimstein. Yes, the challenge has nothing to do with melodrama, several celebrities have replicated it, such is the case of Anette Cuburuof TV Azteca and even the very Eugenio Derbezwho ended up throwing Alessandra Rosaldo to one swimming pool.

For those who don’t know, the Marimar Challenge consists of a person appearing dancing the aforementioned theme on camera, so that, when Thalía’s iconic scream sounds, they end up doing a unexpected prank to a second involved, who presumably does not expect what is going to happen to him, such was the case of the mischief made by the wife of Tommy Mottola with a player from Mets.

Thalía at the Mets game
Credits: Instagram @thalia

In the clip, you can see that Thalía arrived at the locker room of the team, to presumably take a selfie with them. part of the sportsmensettle next to the interpreter of ‘rocking‘ y ‘You did not teach me‘, when suddenly it takes the cabello of one of the players and pulls him back, finally running out of the scene. Yes, it seems that his victim was not upset, he was surprised by the singer’s prank; All this happened while those present burst out laughing.

Yesterday the coastal girl did her thing with the Mets,” said the singer

Thalía pulls the Mets player’s hair
Credits: Instagram @thalia

It should be noted that it is unknown if the players were aware of the joke that Thalía had prepared for them; However, this did not prevent her millions of followers from laughing at the prank that the singer did to the unsuspecting player… Now we just have to wait for how many more celebrities will join the “challenge” of the protagonist of Rosalinda, Maria mercedes y quinceanera.

Sources: Tribune, Instagram @thalia



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