Teófilo Gutiérrez in a surprise call with ESPN’s Faustino Asprilla: he did not give details | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

These are not quiet days for Deportivo Cali before starting their journey through the 2022-II BetPlay League. This is because, despite the arrival of Mayer Candelo, the club still has no clarity on the players who will continue in this tournament, one of them, Guillermo De Amores, a goalkeeper who left the sugar ranks to go to Argentine soccer.

A sensitive loss without a doubt in the goal of Deportivo Cali. However, she is not the only one contemplated. Each transfer market surrounding Teófilo Gutiérrez brings to light a possible return to Junior de Barranquilla. His departure from the Atlantic club was allegedly due to problems with the managers, especially with Fuad Char.

That is the main problem that separates Teófilo Gutiérrez from Junior de Barranquilla, but the player is clearly eager to form a dream duo with Carlos Bacca at the forefront of the attack. Although he has not had conversations with any director of the Barranquilla club, in the local media of the city they maintain that Teo is waiting for a call from the institution, something that could be another sensitive loss for Deportivo Cali.

For this reason, in the middle of the program on the ESPN channel, ESPN F360 Colombia, the panelists, including Diana Rincón, Fabián Vargas, Nicole Regnier, Lizeth Durán, Antonio Casale, Víctor Hugo Aristizábal, Andrés Marocco, Steven Arce and Faustino Asprilla were discussing the casualties of Deportivo Cali when Asprilla took out his cell phone with a surprising video call with Teófilo Gutiérrez.

They tried to get information about a possible departure of Teófilo Gutiérrez, who was wearing a green shirt presumably from Deportivo Cali. However, there was no concrete answer, beyond laughter and jokes from the player. One of them, when Víctor Hugo Aristizábal told him that he could not play against Deportes Tolima, since the transfer market expires on July 15 and that could end a negotiation expectation with Junior de Barranquilla.

In a curious and humorous way, Teófilo Gutiérrez responded to Víctor Hugo Aristizábal, ‘no queer, I’m thinking for tomorrow’s breakfast asshole’. It will surely be a card in Mayer Candelo’s attack, because with that answer, he hints that he needs to play to win the essential money for breakfast.



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