Tania Castillo and Gonzalo Iniesta triumph at the European Youth Games with 4 medals

The athletes of the Ascensores Bertako Javi Conde club have won two golds and two silvers among the 53 achieved by the Spanish team

There is no challenge that can resist them. Nor is there a sporting event in which the athletes of the Ascensores Bertako Javi Conde club do not stand out and also return reinforced by the records or the metals harvested. This is what has happened after Tania Castillo and Gonzalo Iniesta attended the European Youth Paralympic Games this past weekend, which were held in Pajulahti, Finland.

It was the first time that both runners attended the international event in which more than 700 athletes have participated and have been selected by the Spanish Paralympic Committee. The experience has been “brutal”, according to the athletes themselves. “I am very happy, he has gone very well and I did not expect it,” Castillo said yesterday before taking the plane that brought him back to Bilbao.

At 17 years old, the Biscayan won two gold medals, one in 100 meters and another in 400 metres. She did it after scoring the most points in the championship and applying criteria that compensate for different classes and disabilities. Castillo has already traveled halfway around the world participating in international events such as the Grand Prix or the European and is getting closer to fulfilling his goal of reaching the Paralympic Games. She ends the season with a new success and begins to prepare for the holidays. “Now there is a loose race, free participation and to continue working to go to more championships and later to the Olympics,” she assured EL CORREO.

For his part, Iniesta has scored two silver medals, also in the 100 and 400 meter categories. The runner arrived at the test injured after his participation in the absolute Spanish championship of athletics adapted by Gijón clubs that took place a few weeks ago, but he was able to recover from adversity and pain. “I am very happy, I feel very well. It is true that I came a little touched, but I was able to finish, “said the athlete. “The experience has been super nice, I would repeat it again and now the next goal is to lower marks because I’ve been similar for a while,” he said.

European Games

Javi Conde, who accompanied the Basauri club athletes as the coaching staff of the Spanish federation, highlighted how “important” this event has been as it is a “Paralympic Games for young people”. “Tania had not had a choice in other internationals and she has been placed where she really deserved,” the Paralympic champion congratulated. The Spanish team finished the test in first place in the medal table with a total of 53 metals, 23 of them gold, 20 silver and 10 bronze. Finland was attended by 48 athletes with disabilities between the ages of 14 and 23 and 6 guides. Athletics with the participation of the Liberty of Paralympic Promises was the most awarded.

In all certainty, moreover, July will end with new joys for the Basauri people because from the 13th to the 24th of this month Ángela de Miguel, Mikel García Aguirrezabal and Ibai Magdaleno will compete for FREDDY in the European Games that will be held in the town of Krakow, in Poland. .



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