Swimming pool, archery, painting… young Lyonnais won’t be bored this summer!

Divertisport and the Summer Workshops join forces to offer children a multitude of cultural, recreational and outdoor activities. What a great summer to spend in Lyon!

This summer again, the municipal leisure offer is renewed. Aware of the difficulty of finding a place in the various leisure centers during the holidays, the City of Lyon brings together them Summer workshops who manage the reception of 3-6 year olds and divertisport which takes care of 6-12 year olds, in the same twelve reception centers, distributed in the different districts of the city. This makes it possible to accommodate more children and to achieve the objective of facilitating access to these activities for as many families as possible. ” For us, it is also very important to welcome families who are not used to going to a holiday centre. For it, 20% of places are reserved for those families identified and considered to be the most fragile and remote. explains Stéphanie Léger, Deputy Mayor responsible for education.

Inclusion is at the heart of these summer events. Referent animators, able to welcome and support children with disabilities, are present in each of the centers. « We mainly welcome children with autism spectrum disorders. We want no difference to be made between the children, they all participate in the same activities! explains Jeremy Pierru, head of the sports events department at Ville de Lyon.

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