Staff shortage in Berlin’s districts: desperately looking for bike path and sidewalk planners – districts – Berlin

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Johanna Treblin writes from MARZAHN-HELLERSDORF:

  • There is a staff shortage in the Berlin administration, good people are difficult to find due to unattractive working conditions, comparatively low pay and also because of the demographics. In Marzahn-Hellersdorf, for example, bike path and sidewalk planners are urgently needed to advance the traffic turnaround. More on the topic in the newsletter, other topics this time include:
  • The coat of arms of Lauingen
  • Markus Ponick wants to stay at a primary school in Kaulsdorf – the Senate rejects an application as a career changer
  • “Forgive, understand, move forward”: How new President Kay Bernstein wants to save Hertha BSC
  • From small-scale applications to improve the traffic situation and a comprehensive mobility concept
  • BVV office faced with a lot of work
  • Impressions from the BVV – allotments, city council elections, new citizens’ office
  • Result of the survey: Two thirds of the readers with a 9-euro ticket
  • Orwohaus Festival with 15 bands

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Sigrid Kneist reports from TEMPELHOF-SCHÖNEBERG:

  • The two lives of a mother: Gerbera Deeg has been caring for her daughter for 22 years
  • You shouldn’t cross this bridge: the long wait on Yorckstrasse
  • Deadline extension: The youth traffic school does not have to move out immediately
  • Be loud in Lichtenberg: Drugstore moves to the Rockhaus
  • Position filled after a long time: new head of the school and sports department
  • Traffic-calmed: Tempo 30 in Akazienstrasse
  • Long transfer routes on Buckower Chaussee: bus stops are to be relocated

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André Görke reports from SPANDAU:

  • More than 100,000 people wanted to read the text about the bathing chaos at Lake Glienicke: reactions, letters to the editor, photos, town hall ideas for the bus shuttle – and frustration in Alt-Gatow
  • “The city hall congratulated my dead mother”: Newsletter reader outraged – the city council explains in the newsletter how the error came about
  • News on the 300 million construction site: Investor talks about the post industry in the newsletter
  • “Zank am Gartenzaun”: Interview with an arbitrator in the newsletter about typical disputes
  • AfD city council also fails for the 9th time
  • Jewish theater ship “MS Goldberg” leaves Spandau and moves to…
  • Construction site at the citadel: the update
  • Laying of a stumbling block for a department store family in Spandau
  • Siemensbahn: Color photos are urgently needed!

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