[Sports Basketball Show]The Green Army has become a hot favorite to win the championship.

After the opening of free agency, the NBA seems to have more deals than signings. Murray joined the Hawks, Gobert went to the Timberwolves, the Celtics made a fortune, and the drama of where Durant and Irving went.

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Guan Weijia:Are you ready? Welcome to “Sports Basketball Show”~!咻咻~咻咻! Eh~ continue with the player market thing! The guest invited today is still @AdamANDants! What we can do is to try our best to do a good job in each program to give back to everyone’s love! This issue is roughly divided into three parts. The first is to review some signings and transactions in the past few days. The second is to talk about Rudy Gobert’s big deal. The third is to talk about the “711” formed by Durant and Irving. When did the combination get swapped out (please listen to the audio for details)? Let’s start with two transactions that may shake the league. The Boston Celtics traded for Malcolm Brogdon, which can be described as “a pin for a small house”, not a “villa”. , but at least the “hut”, and the Indiana Pacers got Nick Stauskas, Fetts, Juwan Morgan, Daniel Theis, Nesmith and a 2023 first-round pick . With the arrival of Brogdon, the Celtics’ odds of winning the championship immediately soared to the top of the league. Does Shu Hai feel reasonable for such expectations?


Shu Hai:I think it’s reasonable. After all, the Celtics were already a team that made it to the finals in the past season. What about this summer? The strength is changing, because the Warriors’ lineup has been lost. , and the Celtics have become stronger. The addition of Brogdon has given them a very, very great supplement on both ends of offense and defense, especially on the defensive end. He can fully meet the guard’s switching needs. At one point, if Peyton Pritchard’s playing time is squeezed out, in other words, when the playoffs need to be streamlined, Marcus Smart, Derrick White, and Brogdon are three. ‘s switching ability is in the top 15 among guards in the league, right? Even within the top ten, there may be opportunities, and as for Danilo Gallinari, I think he will become an inside addition to the Celtics to a certain extent, and also serve as a stable player. Three-pointers, you know, the Celtics still rely more on outside shots on the offensive end. The impact of the three-pointers on their offense is quite obvious. Fortunately, Gallinari is a real “fortress” “! If the Celtics can’t sign a third center, the time at the 5 will need to be strung together by Horford and Robert Williams to allow Gallinari to fill up more at the 4, but whatever. , with Gallinari’s shooting and Brogdon’s offensive dominance, plus the superposition of various factors, so the Celtics are now regarded as the favorite to win the championship in the new season, which is essentially No problem.


Guan Weijia:Well, maybe the only question is about Brogdon’s health, because he’s been out a lot over the past few seasons, he only played 36 games last season, and if he can stay healthy, that’s great for Kai For the Celtics, it can definitely be regarded as a very important addition. Next, let’s talk about the big deal involving Gobert. It’s really great. Gobert was sent to the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Utah Jazz got Malik Beasley, Patrick Beverley, Walker. Kessler, Jared Vanderbilt, Leandro Bolmaro, plus 4 first-round picks are basically the most things Gobert can trade for… , Adam, what was your first impression when you saw this operation?

Adam:I’m very shocked by this, the Timberwolves are giving too much… I always have an opinion, I think Gobert’s contract is too big, and it turns out to be so much. “It can be said that the dismantling is “especially happy”!

Guan Weijia:Jazz’s “demolition” became “demolition.”

Adam:This is really too shocking. As a result, the Jazz has become a “second generation”.

Guan Weijia:Okay, let me bring up the “711” combo at the end. I want to ask Adam, in your judgment, from the perspective of the Brooklyn Nets, should you deal with Durant or Irving first?


Adam:I think Irving should be dealt with first. I have talked about it before, because when dealing with Durant, there may be a “hard cap” situation. It can only be said that for the transaction of Irving & Durant, the actual It requires a lot of creativity. All in all, the Nets should trade Irving first. Only by reducing the salary can they move around in the Durant trade.

Guan Weijia:It is said that the Golden State Warriors may join the competition for Durant again?

Adam:Personally, I think that there is no big problem with Durant returning to the Warriors. The key is whether the mind can be freed. Especially after the Warriors won another championship this year, the Warriors players should have been very relieved about this. If Te can return, it is definitely not a bad thing, but a new beginning of another story.

Guan Weijia:Let’s wait and see, thank Adam again for being a guest, and thank you for your constant attention and listening. See you in the next issue of “Sports Basketball Show”!

Shu Hai & Adam:bye~


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