Sporting will increase its capital by 7 million to pay debt and sign

Sporting called yesterday the extraordinary meeting of shareholders with the aim of making a capital increase for an amount of 7,068,000.40 euros. The Orlegi Group makes this decision, as announced by Alejandro Irarragorri, president of the Mexican company, in an interview in LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, with the aim of reducing debt, gaining economic muscle and increasing the financial margin, known as “fair play”, with a view to this same transfer market.

After closing up to seven signings –with Jony and Cali Izquierdoz, both already in the concentration camp in Alicante and only pending the agreements being documented and formalized–, Gerardo García, Atletico sports director, faces the last month of the market with the intention of signing to a left back, a center back, and waiting to hire another striker if Campuzano finally leaves.

Alejandro Irarragorri, president of the board of directors of Sporting and the Orlegi Group, admitted for the first time in the interview with LA NUEVA ESPAÑA that carrying out a capital increase was among “his ideas”. Now there is a date and place. It will be held on August 26. And it will be in the Sala de Pinturas of the theater of La Laboral, at 12:00 noon, on first call. The second call, if necessary, would take place a day later, on August 27, at the same time and in the same place.

The statutes require the meeting to be convened with exactly one month’s margin. For this reason, the new owners have worked quickly these weeks making numbers. The sale of Manu García, for about 3.2 million euros to Aris de Salonica, has influenced the reduction of the amount initially thought.

The red and white entity also included a very relevant point on the agenda: the modification of article 30 of the entity’s bylaws. And it is that Grupo Orlegi intends that the position of the directors be unpaid. In times of Javier Fernández in the presidency, the statutes were modified in 2017 so that these positions of responsibility obtained remuneration with the aim of professionalizing this plot.

In the same statement, the entity informs that the new owners of Sporting express their commitment to subscribe, at least, the proportional part of the shares that currently corresponds, from the purchase of the majority package to the Fernández family: that is, of those more than 7 million, Orlegi will get at least 5,178,997.30 euros. Therefore, the option is opened for other shareholders to buy more shares.

The capital increase, announces the club, will be carried out by issuing 117,604 new ordinary shares, represented by registered titles, belonging to the same class and series as the existing ones, with a nominal value of 60.10 euros. This process would be done as follows: with monetary contributions and preferential subscription right of the company’s shareholders. Shareholders who prove they own a minimum of four shares subscribed in their name may attend in person. They must do so at least five days in advance in the company’s share registry book. There is also another way: those shareholders who have fewer than four shares, may also group together with other shareholders to raise that number. And, in the same way, those who wish to attend must request the corresponding assistance card at the entity’s registered office.

The way to do it is exclusively through a prior appointment system, which can be obtained by calling 985 16 76 77. Also in the same place where the meeting is held one hour before it starts. But in that case prior accreditation of ownership.



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