Sporting announces a capital increase of 7 million

Sporting, as announced by Alejandro Irarragorri, president of Orlegi, in an interview in LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, has just called the extraordinary meeting of shareholders in which a capital increase will be carried out in order to face the economic hole that the red and white entity. In total, the extension will slightly exceed seven million euros. The shareholders’ meeting will take place on August 26, 2022 in Sala de Pinturas, Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura at 12:00 p.m., on first call and, if applicable, in the same place and at the same time on August 27. August 2022, in second call.

The agenda, as stated in the call, will be as follows:

First.- Ratification of appointment by co-option and re-election of directors.

Second.- Capital increase of 7,068,000.40 Euros, through the issuance of 117,604 new ordinary shares, represented by registered certificates, belonging to the same class and series as the existing ones, with a par value of 60.10 Euros; with monetary contributions and preferential subscription rights of the Company’s shareholders; determination of the procedure for the subscription of the new shares; incomplete subscription forecast of the increase; delegation to the Board of Directors of the powers to determine the conditions of the increase not set by the meeting and to execute this resolution, including the new wording of articles 5 and 6 of the Company’s bylaws.

Third.- Modification of article 30 of the Company’s bylaws, on remuneration of directors, to establish that the position is not remunerated.

Fourth.- Delegation of powers to the Board of Directors to formalize, interpret, correct and execute the above agreements.

Quinto.- Requests and questions.

Sixth.- Approval of the minutes of the Meeting in any of the modalities provided for in the Law.

Likewise, from the date of publication of this call, shareholders may examine at the registered office or request the delivery or free delivery of the proposals to modify the bylaws referred to in the second and third points of Order of the Day, as well as the reports of the Board of Directors justifying the modification proposals and obtain them on the company’s corporate website (

Pursuant to article 16 of the bylaws, shareholders who prove they own at least four shares registered in their name at least five days in advance in the Company’s share registry book may personally attend the meeting. . Shareholders holding fewer than four shares may group together with other shareholders to raise this figure.

Shareholders who wish to attend must request the corresponding attendance card at the entity’s registered office, located at the Mareo Football School, Camino de Mareo a Granda, nº 645,


Mareo de Abajo, 33390 Gijón, exclusively through a prior appointment system, which can be obtained by calling 985 16 76 77, or at the same place where the meeting is held one hour before it is held, after proof of identity and ownership .

Pursuant to the provisions of article 203 of the Capital Companies Act, the Board of Directors has agreed to require the intervention of a Notary Public to draw up the Minutes of the meeting.

As of July 25, 2022.

The Secretary of the Board of Directors

Signed Mr. José María Segovia Canadas



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