Spain overcomes its depression and thrashes Finland with initial suffering


Updated at 9:16 p.m.

Spain made its debut with victory in the European Championship, 4-1, maintaining its favorite vitola to win the tournament. thrashed Finland, the presumed Cinderella of the group, although the victory was not without suffering. Especially the initial shock. Although the Spanish comeback confirms the growth of this team and its potential to overcome misfortunes.

“No pain, no gain,” they say on British soil. Something that could be translated as no pain no victory. This saying was paid to Spain, trite by setbacks in the phase prior to the European Championship. The injuries to Jenni Hermoso and Alexia Putellas turned the national team’s concentration into a funeral, but resilience is one of the characteristics of a team accustomed to suffering. If a skinny dog ​​is all fleas, the picture darkened even more when the Ukrainian Kateryna Monzul beeped the start. Finland took 50 seconds to score the first goal and incite the doubts of the Spanish team. Sallstrom He took advantage of a defensive imbalance to beat Sandra Paños low and adjusted to the post. Nothing could be worse. Aitana Bonamtí, MVP of the Champions League final won by Barcelona in 2021, took the ball and shouted: “Come on!” In the purest style of Rafa Nadal. There are gestures that presage the outcome.

Spain poured into the Finnish countryside, surrounding the Korpela farmhouse. The team felt comfortable Anna Signel. designed to defend and go on the counter. But the potential of Spain is above the Nordic ones. The ninth corner kick, served by Mariona Caldentey, was finished off in the purest style of Carles Puyol by Irene Paredes at the bottom of the Finnish nets. Barça connection in the 26th minute, tied at one and Spain controlling the game. Optimism returned to the ranks of Jorge Vilda.

And at the edge of the break there was again a spark in the culé code for Spain to take the lead. Millimetric center of Mapi León for Aitana Bonmatí, called to be a reference in this European Championship, which also beat Korpela with a header. The petite midfielder bolted towards the bench to hug Alexia Putellas, who had stayed behind to cheer on his teammates. The Queen, dressed in her T-shirt and a black cap, limped towards the field of play but the medical services stopped her. They couldn’t hug but Alexia’s smile was the same as Spain.

The second part began slowly for Spain and with Finland not knowing what to do. Magnificent individual action of Good Batlle, who was about to beat the rival goalkeeper. Sheila and Aleixandri entered in the 60th minute and the minute they were about to close the match between the two. A ball that reached the Atlético de Madrid player became a center that finished off Aleixandri putting Korpela in a lot of trouble. Spain felt comfortable. She liked it. Esther had a great chance, also with a header, but the ball went slightly wide.

How well the strategy and set pieces worked for Spain. A lateral free kick was finished off by Lucia Garcia to certify victory. There was a quarter of an hour to go but apparently until now it seemed impossible for Finlando to come back from two goals. Jorge Vilda he began to think about the game against Germany, the great favorite (he has won the continental tournament eight times) next Tuesday and moved the bench. He removed Aitana and Esther to let Athenea and Marta Cardona in.

The match ended with a new goal from Spain, important in the event that there is a draw with another team at the end of this first group stage. Pikkujamsa fell in Cardona’s dribbling and committed the maximum penalty. He kicked it, infallible, Mariona Caldentey to close the win and put pressure on Germany.



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