Slavia Stadium is changing its name. Is a new era of the Vršovice club beginning?

Renaming Eden is not a new topic. It was speculated that it would happen already during last December, but the name remained.

Now it’s a sure thing, the new Fortuna Arena sign has appeared on the roof. The club will publish all the information until the pre-season press conference on Thursday, which has an unusual early evening start at 19:00.

Photo: Michal Krumphanzl, CTK

The Fortuna arena sign on the roof of the Slavia football stadium in Prague’s Vršovice in a photo taken on July 12, 2022.Photo: Michal KrumphanzlCTK

The name Sinobo appeared on Eden in November 2018, when it was expected that it would also take over shares from the owners of CITIC, but this did not happen, CITIC continued to hold more than 99 percent. Among other things, Sinobo also sponsored Beijing Kuo-an, a friendly club of Slavia.

It is a question of what the change in the name of the stadium may indicate. Behind the scenes, there has been speculation for a long time that the necessary money is no longer flowing from China to Eden. That the Chinese era was ending and a new owner was on the horizon…?

It’s hard to judge yet, the new name of the stadium will be anyway.


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