Skuja – the best passer in the B division tournament of the European U-20 Championship

The 20-year-old Skuja, who played in Spain’s third league last season, averaged 6.3 assists in six matches. The second best score was for Swiss Malik Rebetz, who averaged 5.9 assists. Suja was also the tenth best rebounder (2.5).

In the list of the most productive players, the highest among Latvians was Richards Daniels Vanags, who with an average of 13.8 points took shared 15th place. With an average of 19.0 points per match, Dutchman Janniks Krähs became the top scorer of the tournament.

Meanwhile, Kriss Helmanis made 54.2% of shots from the game, which was the fourth best indicator. In two-point shots, he was eighth with 58.0%, but in long shots, Nils Baumeisters became the second best sniper of the tournament, who made 50.0% of “threes”.

Helmanis was also the Latvian best fighter behind the basket with an average of 7.2 rebounds, which ranked 11th, and he was also the fifth best blocker (1.7). With an average of 17.5 efficiency coefficient points, Helmanis became the seventh most productive player of the tournament.

Latvian basketball players scored an average of 70.8 points per match, which was the 11th best score. With an average of 22.3 notes per match, Latvia was the most undisciplined team in the tournament.

Latvian U-20 basketball players finished the B division tournament in sixth place and will play in the second championship next season as well.



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