Should Cristian Arango pack suitcases? His club receives offers

Cristian Arango visited the city of Medellín at the end of 2021 and in dialogue with EL COLOMBIANO recognized that directors of Athletic Nationall had had some approaches with him, with the intention of hiring him.

However, he was clear and stressed that he had a valid contract with Los Angeles F.C.which prevented him from thinking about reaching the Antioquian setof which he openly confessed, is a fan.

But that landscape could change ahead of next season, as his club has publicly expressed that it is willing to receive offers for him in particular, as well as for other club players.

The strong economic investment made by Los Angeles FC to link Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) and Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus FC) this season, would force a reorganization in which National I could fish in a rough river.

Since joining the North American cast, Arango has accumulated 37 games, in which he has scored 23 goals.



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