Shaanxi Provincial Gymnasium is open to the society and will be built into a high-quality national fitness center

Shaanxi Provincial Gymnasium is open to the society and will be built into a high-quality national fitness center

2022-07-01 18:47:43Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News On July 1, the launching ceremony of the National Fitness Opening Ceremony of the Shaanxi Provincial Gymnasium was held, marking the official opening of the 14th National Games venue to the public. Among them, from July 1st to 3rd, the public can go to exercise for free.

Citizens praise the facilities and conditions of the venue

As one of the venues for the 14th National Games and the Paralympic Games, Shaanxi Provincial Gymnasium has hosted competitions such as gymnastics, modern pentathlon, and table tennis. The completion and commissioning of the stadium not only fills the gap of Shaanxi Province without a provincial gymnasium for 20 years, but also adds a new landmark building and “sports business card” to Xi’an, which can not only meet the training of professional teams, but also provide leisure for citizens , sports, culture and other services.

Before the launch ceremony on the day, sports and fitness enthusiasts brought various forms and splendid national fitness performances, such as energetic step aerobics, Tai Chi with a combination of hardness and softness, and beautiful and flexible square dance. “I live nearby, and I will often come here to exercise after the gym is officially opened. The fitness plaza outside the gym is very large and the greenery is very good. It must feel very good to exercise here.” Zhang Yuzhen, who participated in the Tai Chi performance that day the old man said.

In addition to the outdoor fitness plaza, there are also basketball, table tennis, badminton and other venue facilities in the hall. Xu Youyu, who studied at a university near the Shaanxi Provincial Gymnasium, has been interested in playing table tennis since junior high school. He basically played ball with his classmates in the school during his college days. This time, he learned that the Shaanxi Provincial Gymnasium is open for free. It happened that there was no class in the morning. Then I asked my classmates to come over to exercise, “I always passed by here before, but I never came in. The venue looks very modern and beautiful from the outside. After entering, I can feel the first-class venue.” Xu Youyu said.

The 51-year-old Wang Yu has been playing badminton for nearly 20 years. He has been to many stadiums in the city, big and small, and he can be said to be “love at first sight” for the Shaanxi Provincial Stadium. “As a venue for the 14th National Games, the The facilities are very good, and the standards and specifications are very high. We ordinary citizens can exercise here, and indeed enjoy the dividends of the National Games.” Although he lives in Caochangpo, Wang Yu said that he will often come to play in the future, “Come here The side is very convenient, the subway can go directly, and I can ride a motorcycle very quickly.”

The venue has signed contracts to introduce a number of projects

As a precious legacy of the 14th National Games, the official opening of Shaanxi Provincial Gymnasium for National Fitness is undoubtedly a specific action to accelerate the post-match utilization of the 14th National Games venues and continue to exert comprehensive benefits. The venue has entrusted Shaanxi Zhongao Silk Road Sports Culture Co., Ltd. to carry out social operation, guided by the holding of high-level sports events, supported by the development of diversified formats, based on the actual situation of the venue, focusing on comprehensive utilization, and exploring and innovating new models of sports venue operation and management, Strive to become an iconic international sports event center, sports and cultural exchange center and high-quality national fitness center.

According to the person in charge of Zhongao Silk Road Sports Culture Co., Ltd., in the future, in addition to meeting the daily needs of national fitness, the Shaanxi Provincial Gymnasium will also rely on its own professional resource advantages to introduce international and independent IP and other high-level events to enrich the masses in terms of competition performances. spectator demand. At the same time, the functional space of the venue will be effectively used to provide youth sports training, cultural entertainment, conferences and exhibitions, sports and leisure services and other multi-scene experience projects. It is reported that the NBA basketball park, ski roller skating, fencing, martial arts, robots, sports equipment and other projects currently signed by the company are being implemented in an orderly manner.

Text/Xi’an Newspaper All Media Reporter Yan Bintu/Provided by the event party



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