Semi-automatic technology will be responsible for detecting offsides at the World Cup

The international football federation announced on Friday that the system would be used for all 64 matches in the competition.

The semi-automatic offside detection technology has been tested in previous competitions held by FIFA, the Arab Nations Cup in 2021 and the Club World Cup last February.

The system combines a ball containing a sensor to detect when it is played, as well as 12 cameras that follow the movement of the ball and the players from the roof of the stadium. It is supposed to collect more accurate data than ever before, which will be reviewed by a video assistant and relayed to the referee on the pitch. Decisions will therefore be accelerated and facilitated.

“The referees are always involved in the decision-making process, since the technology only gives an answer when a player is in an offside position”, explained Pierluigi Collina who is the head of the FIFA referees.

Additionally, the collected data will be used to create a 3D animation for the public. The reconstruction of the action will be displayed in the stadium and offered to distributors who will be able to broadcast it on television.



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