Sebastián Viera: 600 games played with Junior from Barranquilla | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The story of Sebastián Viera and Junior began in January 2011, when their arrival was announced, coming from Greece and with a quite respectable poster. More than a decade, where football brought them together, to be one of those romances, which are destined to last a lifetime. Talking about the shark is already remembering the Uruguayan, who is the player with the most games in red and white history.

In search of continuity and to be on the radar of the Uruguay National Team again, Viera arrived in Barranquilla. He officially debuted on February 5, 2011, with a 4-2 defeat against Real Cartagena. Despite having a regular first semester, the finisher of the year would leave the goalkeeper as one of the benchmarks, being fundamental in the title against Once Caldas in Manizales. .

He has not released the bow, except for injuries or sanctions. The match against Santa Fe represented the number 600, in all competitions, defending the goal of the Barranquilla team. Of which, 456 have been for the League, 48 for the cup, six for the Super League, 45 for the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana.

In each of the recent titles, the angel of the arch has been established as a reference. His saves represent valuable points and more than a shout of joy for the fans. His hallmark goes beyond the goal, the fan got used to that spicy, dangerous punch, every time he stands in front of the ball to collect a free kick or penalty. One of those moments to frame, the first free kick goal was made to Millonarios, one of the Uruguayan’s favorite victims, who, by whims of fate, has taken the perfect measure to beat him in Barranquilla and Bogotá, even in determining phases.

In total, there are 11 goals scored, of which nine correspond to the League and two to international competitions. His track record also backs him up, three Leagues, two Cups and two Super Leagues, for a total of seven titles. Football, as in life, are also defeats. The Uruguayan accumulates seven sub-championships, among which four in the League and one South American Cup stand out.

Football will continue to allow Mario Sebastián Viera Galaín to write his story with Junior, where he found his place in the world, not only because of his professional roots, but also because of his family. He is considered by Junior fans as one more barranquillero, from the heart.



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