Sebastián Battaglia and a message to Jorman Campuzano: “It would be good if you clarified it, if you want to talk” | Colombians Abroad

Boca Juniors He could not this Friday with Banfield in La Bombonera, in a duel valid for matchday number six of the Argentine league. The ‘xeneize’ fell resoundingly 0-3 with the ‘drill’, although it must be said that those led by Sebastián Battaglia played with a team full of substitutes and some youth players. Apparently, they have all their concentration focused on the second leg of the Copa Libertadores round of 16 against Corinthians, which will be next Tuesday, July 5, at 7:30 p.m., Colombia time.

In this commitment in the mythical Argentine scenario, the Colombian midfielder was present from the 71st minute Jorman Campuzano . The one born in Tamalameque, in the department of Cesar, asked before the duel against Banfield not to act, but finally ended up entering the second half instead of midfielder Esteban Leonardo Rolón.

In the middle of the press conference after the defeat with Banfield, Battaglia was consulted by the 26-year-old athlete and the exact situation of what had happened. The Boca Juniors helmsman gave a very forceful answer and one that he gave to reflect on.

“He asked me before that I was not in my head to be in the game, due to problems he has, that it would be good if he could also clarify it in case he decides to speak, just that”, those were the words of Battaglia to the media.

It must be said that the press in Argentina is rumored that the former Atlético Nacional soccer player could leave the ‘xeneize’ team, because he has not had the desired prominence in the last year. Jorman Campuzano has a contract with the Argentine team until June 30 of next year, 2023.

We will have to wait how it all ends, for now, Campuzano will continue, in one of the most important squads in South America, such as Boca.



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