Scouting continues to form the Men’s Basketball U17 State Selective – ADN

They continue to carry out scouting sessions in different regions of the entity to integrate the representative team of the state of Chihuahua that will compete from August 3 to 7 in the 2022 U17 Men’s National Basketball Championship, which will take place in Tijuana, Baja California.

Ciudad Juarez, Chih.- Alejandro Barraza Mendoza, in charge of the 2005 National Team in Ciudad Juárez, reported that they are carrying out the respective tryouts, in which about 30 young promises, 17 years old, participate.

He explained that in recent days, 18 of the 30 basketball players who are in the 2005 preselection, came out winners in the 2022 Parral Cup, in the city of Parral.

“Fortunately things happened and it was 1-2 in favor of the border, so I am satisfied with the work done by the boys who are preparing for the national stage,” he said.

At the moment some talents have been detected as voters who are trying to earn their place. There is a lot of talent in that position, which has been one, two and three.

We are going to try to bring the best to the national stage, a competitive team to be able to bring us first place, he said.

“The auditions are held for everyone, from any municipality in the state of Chihuahua. A player who has the talent will have the opportunity to work and earn a place on the field”, he expressed.

They are expected to be warriors on the court, humble, show their abilities and skills on the court, have discipline and good performance, speed, courage and the desire to work as a team.

He stressed that three weeks ago they carried out the respective visits in the border region and now it was in Parral. However, there were some players who could not attend because they had to fulfill their commitment to the Development League in their municipality.

He thanked the support and trust provided by the Municipal Government and the Municipal Institute of Sport and Physical Culture of Juárez, as well as the parents for the support given to their children.



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