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Jesús Loroño knew what he was talking about: «The race does not end until the last line». A truth like a temple. Technology, modernity and watts have evolved cycling, but there are elements that are impossible to change. Vingegaard almost scuppered his Tour victory on a descent three kilometers from the finish, when there was no need to risk and the sensible thing to do was take precautions. He was about to get out and hit a wall. Better not to think about the consequences of the hypothetical accident.

The lenticular wheels do not favor the control of the bike. And that now they only carry the rear. The spokes help more when it comes to cornering. In a time trial of the Tour, in Sarrebourg, we could not see the route with the runners and we made an approach with Perico Delgado to change bikes according to the terrain. He started with the normal one, moved on to the goat and had to go back to the normal one. Not because of strategy, but because he blew the wind hard and took him away.

The time trial, with several runners in a handkerchief, was in the spectacular line of the entire race. Vingegaard performed at a surprising level and set the best time in the intermediate points. Van Aert’s last partial was spectacular. In any case, I was left with the impression that the yellow jersey, who must have seized up in shock, lifted his foot on the final climb to Rocamadour, a beautiful town.

I’m glad I didn’t give the name of my favorite to win the time trial in the article the day before. It was Ganna. Logic told me that the wear and tear on Van Aert, with whom he has had great duels in this modality, was greater. The Italian hadn’t had to work so hard for a leader in recent days. But the Belgian is made of another paste. He is a machine that has broken molds, theories and prejudices. The Basque fans will receive him as he deserves on Saturday in the Classic. I have no doubt about it.



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