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Potaov games are a way to erase all the differences between men and women. Whenever you choose your virtual avatar, regardless of gender, color or nationality, even in competitive rush games, physical prerequisites, such as spe tactical thinking, speed and impact, do not decide.

The Valorant player with the nickname MarsArxa used to play her keyboard with a bird in the last game.

However, despite the general belief that women play games a lot (your audience accounts for 45% of all games), and it’s not just The Sims or mobile games. In the world of top e-sports, they are a sheep in menin.

For example, the world Overwatch League records only one game in the history of the world (see link). Apparently, the biggest celebrity of the English e-sport is Sasha Scarlett Hostynov, who thanks to her art in Starcraft 2 earned 10 million crowns, which is only a fraction compared to her male colleagues.

Although we only find women sporadically among the top stars of e-sports, this does not mean that they are not at all interested in the competitive edge for a salary. There are even purely English games and tournaments.

Nate “Payen” Lopez is an experienced gamer, among others he represented the Pittsburgh Knights.

One of these is the American Astral Clash, where women, people, identifying as women and non-binary gender identities in the game Valorant (see n link) have been giving away ten thousand dollars (about 240 000K). Of course, compared to gigantic events such as The International, where hundreds of millions of dollars are contested, it is an intimate event of local importance, but it will still find its fans. And even because of the possibility of taking part in the tournament, paying someone and cheating.

After the qualification, in which accommodation and transport costs will be reimbursed, a very detailed description of the alleged fraud that one of the participating teams was supposed to have appeared on Twitter under the anonymous @nicekeybinds thread.

During his online rescue, he had to be replaced by his friend Nate Payen Lopez.

A purely English tournament in Valorant Astral Clash sponsored by Always and Tampax.

The eight-page document contains a lot of evidence, analytically processing the data. And it’s a specifically adapted user environment, another shooting speed or you specific movement around the arch.

It was also embarrassing that the otherwise emotional MarsArxa did not speak into the microphone during the entire performance, she remained completely silent even after the surprising reaction. According to publicly available information, in addition, Payen had sparred the previous day with the other members of Fallacy sparred in one match. And to make matters worse, their team has faced pressure from fans in the past for persuading him to change the gender of his user profile to non-binary in order to compete with them.

It should be noted that all prices have not yet been officially confirmed and are therefore subject to review. Don’t be afraid to hope that the truth will eventually be effective enough. And if you identify yourself as anything, then cheating (and therefore lying and slandering, if you are not guilty) is simply not possible.



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