Salta students recorded a song and video clip seeking to help victims of the war in Ukraine

By Mario Sancristobal
A video began to circulate through social networks where a group of young people from Salta perform a song with very heartfelt lyrics, referring to the war situation that is being experienced in Ukraine. That is why CAMBIO spoke with Alejandro Trindade, who is one of the musicians who appears in the filming, to ask him how the idea came about and what the objective is to be achieved. “This idea arose at the Salesian School where I work as a music teacher and in a meeting with the director she suggested that a song be recorded with the school orchestra, which is a stable group made up of students and some alumni” , he began by saying.
Trindade went on to say “The idea was to record a song alluding to the war situation in Ukraine and as a result of that request I started looking for a suitable song to record, thinking of not repeating what is already widely used. That’s why the solution was to create original lyrics and music and it came about in this way. Once the lyrics and music were ready, I began to make the arrangements and took it to the orchestra rehearsal giving the parts to each of the instruments. After being ready and rehearsed, it was recorded and from there it was decided to continue and put together a video that is circulating on social networks with very good repercussion.
The musician also added “That video was the cause to be able to work together with the Trampolin Foundation, which is a Salesian foundation, which is raising funds to help the refugees from Ukraine, because the idea of ​​the song was also to serve as a a source of support for those people. There are many Ukrainian refugees, especially children and adolescents, located in a large majority in Poland, who urgently need help. From the school many tasks are done to collect funds for that purpose, from cake sales and various other tasks, to be able to send resources to that destination. This is a very serious situation and the purpose through this Foundation is well founded”.
Trindade also highlighted “The purposes of this work, is beyond the humanitarian, the collection for that reason in the video there are the telephones where they can communicate to collaborate. The song is the support of this campaign to raise awareness about the tremendous problem that people who are refugees in Poland are going through. The Salesians help many children and adolescents throughout the world and that is why, in addition to the telephone numbers, there are account numbers where contributions can be made to this task. The idea was from our work and from music to collaborate with this situation”.
Faustina Garcia da Rosa (Voice), Antonia Di Donatto (Voice), Diego Querio (Electroacoustic Guitar), Luz Toriani (Electroacoustic Guitar), Leo Silveira (Electric Guitar), Lucía Revetria (Drums), Victoria Trindade (Hi hat and wind bell). ), Maximilian Rocha (Bass), Cymbals (Franco Gabrielli), Recording technician Alvaro Marquez. Responsible teacher, composition and arrangements, Alejandro Trindade



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