Russell does not get images of crashed Zhou from retina: ‘It was horrible’ | NOW

A week after Zhou Guanyu’s horror crash, the images of the crashing Alfa Romeo driver still haunt George Russell’s head. The Mercedes driver tapped the young Chinese, after which he slid upside down over the asphalt.

“It was horrific to see him hanging upside down in his car, knowing he couldn’t get out,” 24-year-old Russell told the press conference in Spielberg on Thursday, where the Austrian Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for this weekend.

“I saw him move so I knew he was conscious, but I was still very worried. Every driver knows how claustrophobic that feels. He was stuck between the halo and his headrest and also had the tire stack half on his head. It was horrible to watch.”

Russell knocked 23-year-old Zhou over the head at high speed at the start of the British Grand Prix. Zhou, who miraculously escaped unscathed, slid upside down across the tarmac and crashed into the fence behind the tire stack.

Russell has no regrets getting out of the car

Seeing the accident, Russell pulled over to check on Zhou’s car. He then stood by Zhou’s wreckage for several minutes, making sure he got out of his car safely.

It wasn’t until later that Russell realized that his car wasn’t that badly damaged and that he probably could have started again if he had driven his car to the pits. “It was a natural reaction from me,” continued Russell, who will make his Mercedes debut this year as Lewis Hamilton’s teammate.

“My mechanics were also very understanding. To be honest, I thought I would have dropped out anyway due to the damage I had, but it turned out not to be the case. So be it, that was certainly not the case at the time most important.”

‘There is lessons to be learned from every accident in any sport’

According to Russell, there are plenty of lessons to be learned from Zhou’s accident. “You can learn from every serious accident in any sport,” he continued. “There was a kind of gap between the tire stack and the fence he landed in exactly. That was not good and needs to be fixed. Also the roll hoop broke down, something that should never happen.”

“There will always be crashes in motorsport, but we always have to learn from them. Fortunately, the FIA ​​does too, because this sport has come a long way. And in 40 years we will be much further than we are now. Still, it is terrifying to see such violent crashes.”

Russell will come into action on the track for the first time on Friday at 1.30 pm, when the first free practice is on the program. Qualifying is later in the day at 5:00 PM. The sprint race on the Red Bull Ring will follow on Saturday at 4.30 pm and the race will take place on Sunday at 3 pm.

Zhou Guanyu was unable to get out of his car on his own at Silverstone.



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