Rarámuri runner Lorena Ramírez rejects a new pair of sneakers

Mexico City /

Maria Lorena Ramirez Hernandez has surprised the world thanks to the great feats it has done, because in 2017 won the UltraRail Cerro Rojoa 50-kilometer ultra-distance race, but what caught the attention it was that he ran in huaraches and not in tennis with the best support and traction technology as the participants of these competitions normally do.

On this occasion, has gone viral due to a clip circulating on TikTokwhere you can see a small fragment of a scene from his documentary released in 2019 and which can be found on the platform streaming Netflix, Lorena, the one with the light feet. A documentary that makes a brief journey through his life story and how he shook the world by winning that race in 2017, with his particular clothing.

In the clip, a Lorraine he is given a pair of red sports shoes, this with the purpose of using them in his competitions, however, he surprises the production when he receives, not only the refusal by the innkeeper, but a comment that left them speechless.

“They feel bad, I’m not used to running in them. I don’t think I’m going to use them. The people who do use them… are always after me.sentenced Lorena Ramírez.

Lorena, originally from the mountains Tarahumara of Chihuahua and belonging to the indigenous community Rarámuria term that means ‘light-footed’does not receive any government aid but that does not prevent him from continuing to run and being an example for children in his community and for the sports environment because he continues running with his traditional clothing.




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