PT LIB Reveals Reasons for Late Night Kick-off League 1 Match


PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) revealed the reason for Liga 1 2022 to implement a night kick-off. Several clubs have complained about this, one of which is Persib Bandung.

From the schedule released by PT LIB, the schedule for the evening match will be held at 20.30 WIB. Judging from the draft of the League 1 schedule, Persib got to play at night so they protested and made adjustments.

The President Director of PT LIB Akhmad Hadian Lukita revealed that the implementation of the curfew was inseparable from discussions with Mr broadcaster. Playing at night is the most ideal time to hold a match in terms of attracting spectators.

“Can not be denied broadcaster role. But we also get authentic data, if the audience at night is more. At that time, the audience had arrived at the house. This is also the development of the times,” said Lukita, in his office, Wednesday (13/7/2022).

“It’s now time to go home from work. But we’re not just being silent, we’ve asked for a compromise, don’t play too often at night. If you want to be followed by all (broadcaster’s requests) then play at 11 pm,” he added.

In addition to Persib, Persija Jakarta is also one of the most affected by the curfew. Status as a big club is also a consideration broadcaster set the night time.

The Indonesian Professional Footballers Association (APPI) also voiced the campaign against playing curfew. Lukita explained, the curfew applied in Liga 1 was still in a reasonable stage.

“This is still normal, even though it’s normal, not justified. There are clubs that we accommodate (object to play at night). We often change schedules, as happened last season,” said Lukita.

“We cannot deny that Persija or Persib have many spectators playing at night. In fact, there are also those who play in the afternoon, the club even asks to play at night,” he said.

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