PSG star Neymar threatens jail! Due to moving to FC Barcelona | Sports

Does superstar Neymar (30) have to go to jail?

It’s been nine years since the Brazilian switched from his youth club FC Santos to big FC Barcelona.

And it is precisely this transfer that could cause a lot of trouble!

As reported by Spanish media, Neymar will be on trial before the district court in Barcelona for corruption and fraud from October 17th – a good month before the start of the World Cup in Qatar.

Background: The opening of criminal proceedings had already been ordered by the Spanish judiciary in 2017. The Brazilian investment fund DIS had filed a lawsuit at the time. Accordingly, at the time of Neymar’s Barça change, DIS owned 40 percent of the rights to the player. And feels cheated not only by the player, but also by his family and Barcelona.

Barça initially stated in 2013 that they had paid €57.1m for Neymar. Later admitted, however, that the goalscorer’s actual cost was at least €86.2m.

The fund claims it only received 40 percent of the “official” transfer fee of €17.1 million.

According to the reports, prosecutors are asking for a two-year prison sentence and a €10m fine for Neymar. DIS wants a total of more than 150 million euros in compensation and an even harsher sentence for the superstar: five years in prison and an equally long football ban.

However, prison sentences of up to two years are almost always suspended in Spain for those who have no previous convictions.

In addition to Neymar, his parents, ex-Barça presidents Sandro Rosell (58) and Josep Maria Bartomeu (59), are also accused in the process.

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