Presentation of feathers for the badminton club of Saint-Marcel

Jonathan Souillot, president of the BCSM (Badminton Club Saint Marcel) had invited his 103 members this Sunday morning to a family day.

On the program, the “bad” of course, but also a graduation ceremony, among other surprises. A total of 65 people responded to the club’s invitation.

From 9:30 a.m., families were able to play in the Nowak dojo in the municipality of Saint-Marcel.

“It’s nice to be able to share our passion with our families,” said a young man from the BCSM.

As usual, everyone changed teammates as the matches progressed,

“The goal is for everyone to be able to play with everyone else, for the best to also play with the beginners and for those who come alone not to find themselves set aside,” explained Jonathan.

At 11:30 a.m., the latter took the microphone to ask for the meetings to be stopped and the participants to regroup in the stands, before thanking for their presence and above all their support for the club, Mayor Raymond Burdin as well as his assistant in in charge of sports Nathalie Couturier.

Before the awards ceremony, Jonathan called Mr. Giroudon, head of the Chalon sur Saône branch of the French Federation of Cardiology, to give him a generous donation.

“We took part in the Christmas market last winter and we distributed pancakes and mulled wine for free, but people wanted to donate, so the club decided to donate this money to a good cause,” said Jonathan .

Mr. Giroudon, thanked the BCSM for this nice gesture and indicated that this money will be used to set up prevention activities in the coming weeks.

He then gave the floor to Stéphane Carlot, manager and animator of the youth section, who announced, a bit moved, the presentation of the white feathers (Editor’s note: first level of badminton prizes aimed at promoting the progress of young players) to 17 young people from the club.

“It’s the first year that we’ve gotten into this, we were a little stressed but we never doubted that you would take up the challenge!” declared Stéphane, proud of his team of young graduates.

In turn, the young people then came to collect their white feather and their diploma from elected officials but also from Frédérik Billiard, president of the Regional Badminton Committee and Ronan Furic, regional technical coordinator of the Bourgogne Franche-Comté Badminton League, who came specially for the occasion.

Frédérik Billiard also wanted to say a few words to congratulate the young graduates on the one hand but also the badminton club of Saint-Marcel for the second star which he should officially obtain by the end of July.

At the departmental level, the BCSM is the third club out of the 14 existing ones to obtain its second star!

“Knowing that there is no three-star club in the department, with this award, Saint-Marcel reaches the highest departmental level” insisted Frédérik before specifying: “The BCSM is known within the federation and it is clearly an example to follow at the national level”. This ceremony finally ended with the highlighting of the two volunteer leaders Stéphane Carlot and Franck Pinglin who recently obtained their level 2 diploma in youth leadership.

Jonathan Souillot then invited all the participants “to a super nice thing called the aperitif” in order to share a convivial moment around a glass of friendship.

The 65 members then planned to have lunch together to continue in the afternoon, playing their common passion: badminton of course!



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