Prediction Indonesia vs Thailand in the AFF U-19 Cup

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Indonesian U-19 National Team will have a tough fight against Thailand in the third match of Group A of the 2022 AFF U-19 Cup, Wednesday (6/7) evening WIB. Here’s the prediction for Indonesia vs Thailand.

Shin Tae Yong’s squad is looking at this match with full of confidence. A landslide victory 7-0 over Brunei Darussalam became the capital of Hokky Caraka and his friends in an effort to beat Thailand in the match later.

It’s just that the mission to beat Thailand will not be easy. Changsuek, nicknamed Thailand, proved to be a dangerous team, referring to the maximum results achieved in the first two matches.

Therefore, the U-19 Indonesian National Team must appear disciplined and focused for 90 minutes. If that can be done then the opportunity to get three points will be more open.

Here are the predictions for Indonesia vs Thailand in the third match of the group phase of the U-19 AFF Cup version of

Indonesia U-19 National Team Tame Thailand (Juprianto Alexander)

The Indonesian U-19 national team will face a difficult match after a 7-0 win over Brunei. This is because Thailand has proven their ability by sweeping the first two matches.

However, the U-19 national team must still appear normal and confident. Only in that way Ronaldo Kwateh et al. have a chance to win three crucial points.

I predict the Indonesian U-19 national team will be able to beat Thailand. Garuda Nusantara who plays aggressively will win with a score of 3-1.

Indonesia Wins Hard (Surya Sumirat)

Thailand will be a different opponent for Indonesia in the third match in Group A. Looking at the performances so far, Indonesia should be able to get back three points over Thailand.

However, the Red and White Team remained unyielding. After a 0-0 draw with Vietnam, every subsequent match became a crucial party for Indonesia. A little slip could be a threat not to qualify for the knockout stages.

Thailand will give a serious test for Garuda Nusantara. I predict that Ronaldo Kwateh, Marselino Ferdinand, and Hokky Caraka will not be free to accelerate. Indonesia also seems to be winning 2-1 with difficulty.

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Indonesia U-19 National Team Detained by Thailand



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