Poule Scudetto: Parma wins in comeback, Collecchio surrenders to Bologna

UnipolSai Bologna suffers but ends the hat-trick at a Camec Collecchio who after 5 innings had collected more hits than his opponents. Game 3 ends 5-1, but remained in balance practically until the last recovery.

Two singles from the usual Monzon-Pasotto duo facilitate the work of Simone Calasso who raises a sacrificial sprint for the provisional 1-0 at the opening of the hosts. Two hits also create a draw for UnipolSai which gets its first point on Bertossi’s arrival at home following the double play induced by Luis Gonzalez, then it is the former Alessandro Deotto who leads the guests with a single from one point to the fifth.
While Christian Scafidi (5 shots, 1 point immediately) passes the baton to a Murilo Gouvea who has no problems in locking the game even from the bullpen, the Bolognese put in 4 consecutive valid and produce the 3 points (RBI for Grimaudo, Deotto and Dreni) who end the game at 5-1.

The Campidonico Turin dreams for three rounds, but the Parma Climate reacts and wins the home series, winning game 3 10-2. After the afternoon success, the Piedmontese score a point in the second (two valid and beaten in defense of Casciello for the 1-0) and third attack (single from a point by Peloro).
The hosts chase away the ghosts with his fitter man, Alberto Mineo (2-3, HR, 4RBI in race 3), who makes the most of the two runners on base by launching his third home run of the season which is worth the immediate overtaking in the third inning.
In the second part of the match, Parma alternates Lugo and Habeck on the platform after the start of Jose Diaz, while for Turin the departure of Federico Robles ends after 4 innings who is replaced by the young Zingarelli who suffers a big inning from the boys of Gianguido Poma in fifth place, with the doubles of Manuel Joseph (from one point) and Giulio Monello (from two points) leading a 6-point break that promises success for a Parmaclima increasingly firmly second in the standings in group A1.


Gir. A1: San Marino (14-4), .778; Parma Climate (10-4), .714; Camec Collecchio (6-11), .353; Neptune 1945 (6-12), .333.

Gir. B1: UnipolSai Bol (13-2). 867; Campidonico Tor (9-9), .500; Spirulina Becagli Gr (7-11), .389; Hort @ Go (3-15). 167.



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