PGNiG Superliga has announced the schedule. Will there be a conflict again?

The inauguration of PGNiG Superliga on the first weekend of September, the final of the competition in the second half of May. Orlen Wisła Płock clashes with Łomża Industria Kielce in the last round.

Marcin Górczyński

Arkadiusz Moryto, Łomża Vive Kielce winger

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Fąfara / In the photo: Arkadiusz Moryto, Łomża Vive Kielce winger

PGNiG Superliga has not yet decided to return to the format from two seasons ago (with the play-off phase). We will know the Polish champion after playing 26 rounds, the last team will fall to the Central League, the penultimate team will play a play-off against the runner-up.

The last series of the 1st round will be played on December 10-12. Then the clubs will have a break in the competition. There will be plenty of emotions, however, because the fans will keep their fingers crossed for the white and reds who will compete in the World Championships organized in Poland and Sweden. The tournament will take place on January 11-29, 2023.

Inauguration of the spring round on February 4, the last round on May 20-21. The match between Orlen Wisła Płock and Łomża Industry Kielce will probably decide about the championship similarly, which will fall again … a few days after the planned quarter-finals of the Champions League. For this reason, this year there was a conflict in Płock and Kielce over the date (with the participation of PGNiG Superliga authorities), which increased the tension before the “holy war”.

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