Patrik Kincl revealed what he is planning for Lohoré. How does he see it with the UFC?

The course of Karlos Vémola’s last match did not surprise champion Patrik Kincl in any way. Although he perceives Aleksandar Ilič as a skillful defender, he still has a lot to catch up on on the ground. However, the Serbian “Joker” served as the last obstacle on the way to the title in the light heavyweight division, Vémola can start preparing for a return to middleweight. So if all goes well, Kincl will get the desired revenge.

After all, both fighters stepped on the gas in trash talk almost immediately. Patrik, for example, criticized the start that preceded the main match at Štvanice. He made it clear on Instagram that the royal ermine and the “terminator fairground mask” do not go well together, given the obvious inspiration from the famous boxer, Vémola seemed to him like “Tyson Fury from Wish”. Kincl didn’t take napkins and took Karlos’s fans for a treat. “Sherminator is just a universe of weirdness (for its rock fans: that means it’s still expanding, as it were. Hard to imagine when the Earth is flat, I understand).”

In an interview with, the reigning middleweight champion explained why the rematch is so important to him. “I didn’t show my maximum performance,” he said, adding that he had a similar experience in ACB (today’s ACA), where he first appeared in a duel with Albert Duraev. “I lost, but it was like I didn’t sell my potential. I came out of that match disappointed. When I got home, I immediately emailed that I had an extra, that I wanted to show up there.” And he succeeded, he did not lose in other matches in this Russian organization.

Kincl is convinced that he still has a long way to go in MMA, which, according to him, is also the main thing in which he differs from Vémola. “Karel isn’t going anywhere else, it’s clear that he’s choosing his opponent, that he’s going to make a name for himself with us. I probably don’t have anything extra against it, but I’m still in that phase of the sports world. I want to perform well against good opponents.” However, since the retaliation, he also vows to end the animosity and personal attacks. They bother Patrik, he doesn’t enjoy verbal fights. “For the whole four years, Karlíto has been getting into me in various ways, how many times I ignored it, how many times it annoyed me, someone keeps sending me messages that I’m mentioned in every other interview or allusion. I think I should wrap it up with this.”

But before that, he will have to defend his position as champion for the first time in a fight with the French troublemaker. In the preparation, Kincl is not yet focusing on the details surrounding Alex Lohoré, now he is trying to finish the news that he has included in his repertoire in recent months. “In any case, I have a crush on Lohoré, he is a complex wrestler, a holder,” he said, recalling that he lasted the full five rounds with Vémola, even though he had to deal with a considerable weight advantage on the opponent’s side. “He wasn’t able to end it. And he might have had 15 kilos on top.”

The match with Lohoré could serve as a kind of litmus test, which may reveal something about a possible rematch with Vémola. That’s also why Patrik wants to show off. “It is a big challenge for me to end Lohoré before the limit, I will work on that. Ideally, I would need it to be sometime in the first two rounds, because if there is that rematch, which is in December, then I have to be ready and immediately get back to training after the game.” At the same time, Kincl does not want to give space to the point judges, from the beginning to the end he wants to go for victory, he does not intend to create space for rest, as was the case, for example, in the last round of the title match with “Pirate”.

The conversation also turned briefly to the UFC. Kincl admitted that he is no longer clinging to a chance in an overseas organization, although he probably wouldn’t turn down the offer. “I have already closed this chapter. I was heading towards it before, it was such an engine, maybe too much so. It was a lot of pressure, nerves, now I put it aside. The contacts are there when the offer comes, yes, but it’s not the center of my universe anymore.”



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