“Our summer quarters”, a whole program in Tergnier

For ten years, the municipality of Tergnier has been setting up free summer activities in the districts of the city for residents who have little opportunity to go on vacation.

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Over the years, the “Our summer quarters” system has been adapted, with the motivation of the team in charge of events, volunteers, technical service infrastructures and again thanks to the inhabitants who answered the questionnaires by giving their ideas for better implications. This year, about twenty volunteers will follow and support the artisans of the “stream of water” for four weeks in different areas (installation, uninstallation, animations, etc.)

Once again, the format of one week per district will promote the link with the teams and the exchanges between the inhabitants to achieve adhesion within the Space inhabitant at the social center and to expand participation in the various workshops of the center.

In view of the participation which is growing each year (1,731 attendances in 2020 over 20 days, 1,843 in 2021 over 19 days), the objective of the system which allows residents who have little opportunity to go on vacation to benefit from local recreation is largely achieved. This also allows everyone to take ownership of their neighborhood and their environment, to energize their neighborhood, to be an actor in it.

Olympic adventure

We already know some activities that will take place from Monday to Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. They will be sporty: archery, rugby, ultimate, basketball, orienteering, baseball, badminton… but also games and challenges (board games, team games, water games, obstacle course), d workshops (manuals, creative, well-being, homemade products, dance, music). An early childhood space will be accessible to 0-6 year olds.

On Fridays from 3 to 7 p.m., there will be mini-golf and climbing, street shows, challenges, belote contests and the participation of the Tergnier Game Show until 11 p.m.

The adventure, which will be placed under the sign of the 2024 Olympic Games, will take up residence on rue de la 1re DFL at Pommelotier from July 18 to 22, place Raoul-Dautry (Quessy-cité) from July 25 to 29, place Carnégie (Fargniers ) August 1-5 and Roosevelt Ward August 8-12.

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