Orio surprises the favorites at the Bilbao Ikurriña

Orio celebrates his victory in Bilbao waters. / IGNACIO PEREZ


The ‘eaglets’ beat Donostiarra and Hondarribia, while in the Euskotren League the victory went to Arraun Lagunak

Orio struck this Saturday afternoon in the waters of the estuary at the premiere of the Eusko Label Liga. The yellows took the Ikurriña de Bilbao ahead of Donostiarra and Hondarribia, while Zierbena, winner of the second round, was fourth overall. Urdaibai, one of the big favorites to win, was the big loser of the day by qualifying in fifth position and being left out of the honor round of the Fabrika Flag that will be held that Sunday (12:13 p.m.) in La Concha Bay.

Donostiarra dominated the first half of the Bilbao time trial with a minimal advantage over the ‘eaglets’ and the frontiersmen. The boats of the last round rowed at the head of the tide and their times were notably better than those of the previous rounds as they suffered less from the effect of the current. One of the keys to the regatta was in the second turn. The ‘Torrekua II’ of the Donostiarras got stuck at the mark – it had a lead of four seconds – and lost precious time that Orio, in a sensational third pitch, knew how to take advantage of. The men led by Jon Salsamendi faced the final length one second ahead and beat those coached by Igor Makazaga by almost five at the finish, while Hondarribia lost no less than eight seconds.

women’s league

Happiness in the Arraun Lagunak crew after their victory in Bilbao. /


As far as the women’s Euskotren League is concerned, things started the same way they ended last summer. Arraun Lagunak won the Bilbao Ikurriña and is the first leader of the competition. Those directed by Juan Mari Etxabe made it clear that they dominate the waters of the estuary like no one else and repeated the triumph achieved in 2021.

Those skippered by Andrea Astudillo were the last to leave and dominated the regatta practically from the first stroke. In fact, as they passed through the only lane of the day, they were already three seconds ahead of Orio, their main rival in the fight for the flag and, except for surprise, also for the title. Donostiarra lost a second more than the ‘eagles’ with respect to its neighbors when passing through this point.

On the way back, with the current and the wind in their favor, the winners increased their lead even more and reached the finish line with a five-second advantage over the Oriotarras. Donostiarra lost almost twelve, while Tolosaldea lost twenty. Tomorrow in the waters of La Concha the second chapter will arrive, but this time in the open sea.



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