“Once upon a time there was basketball in Biella … But we’ll be back” –

The day after the official closure of the rossoblù dream is all an anthology of paean, of dated and vintage images, of a verbal and written support of those who lived this adventure on the pitch, on the parquet, by the management and tribune and also from that press, recounting the exploits of a small provincial reality that has tried to discover itself as great.

A dream whipped between the Palapaietta and the Forum with the white and red and blue vests ready to ignite, thanks to the powerful voice of the speaker, masterful actions, unlikely shots, incredible blocks; in short, the whole repertoire used to make its followers love this sport more and more. How many games, how many beats, how many people have passed on the parquet and on the pitch. Two above all, allow us to quote, one for our Fulvio Feraboli punctual chronicler with an indelible passion and also a voice of memorable news, ready to find the most incredible and cassette stories (from the point of view of journalistic interest) and the other he can only be Gabriele Fioretti, a gentleman, a first reporter and a manager who has always been able, with an Olympic calm, to transmit competence and passion to Biella.

These 30 years have their brand for myself, where more than the result has always counted quality, attention and narration, what English speakers call storytelling. There are now many voices of those who wish for a return of the flame, of those who swear and curse for having lost a toy of great impact. We improperly just want to remember what it was: a path of growth, union and pride. Biella now as in the past has never been able to enjoy its excellence, this is a bit the trademark of the territory, where selfishness counts more than teamwork (who knows what Ramagli thinks) and discovers the value of its jewels only when they are lost in oblivion.

If we want to grow and learn also from our mistakes we must, as a territory and I put everyone into it (politics, administrations, business fabric, associations), truly learn to build our future together, made up of business and development but also of tourism, sport and outdoor: just imagine for a moment a national brand on basketball, rugby or football jerseys (Armani, for example, won the national basketball championship) what the disruptive effect would be, in which however in the end the message is the territory not the single would be a big step forward.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has always put their face to it, from the players to the technical staff to the management and the curve ready to enjoy the memories but also to ride new meadows of sporting commitment. I personally will bring me some memories: the matches seen at the Palapaietta with my father, the cup finals in Turin, the quarrel with a Serie A referee who wanted to expel me and the last game, the result of a season always lived in the foreground as a protagonist. because I was Biella and I still am like all of us. Ad maiora.



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