“Novak and Rafa will win more than Federer”

07/28/2022 at 19:30


The Croatian affirms that his player could win 30 Grand Slams

Djokovic will not be able to play the United States tour due to not being vaccinated

Novak Djokovic won his twenty-first Grand Slam at Wimbledon a few weeks ago. His seventh trophy of the ‘All England Tennis Club‘ served him to place second on the list of biggest winners of Grand Slamjust behind Rafael Nadal (22) and surpassing Roger Federer (con 20). Once the grass tour is over, the next big event is the US Open of the USAin which Djokovic will not be able to participate due to not being vaccinated covid-19. Despite everything, the coach of the Serbian tennis player, Goran Ivanisevicdid not hesitate to ensure that his player, 35 yearscould reach a whopping 30 Grand Slam titlesthen beating his two main pursuers for the fight of the best tennis player in history.

the croatian Goran Ivanisevicformer tennis player number two in the world ranking of the ATP and current coach of Novak Djokovicis known for his clear and forceful statements, and on this occasion, days before the cement tour of the USAwith the Canadian Masters 1000, Cincinatti and the US Openlast Grand Slam of the season, did not hesitate to ensure that his player, at the current age of 35 yearscan perfectly exceed the records of Nadal y Federer and achieve the cold amount of 30 Grand Slams in his record. “We have been collaborating for 18 years, which is a very long period. Each time he repeated his desire to reach number 30 in Grand Slams. This is what Novak wants. He will play the next five years and will have the opportunity to reach this milestone. Even before After becoming Djokovic’s coach, I said that both of them would end up winning more than Federer. If they are healthy, there is no limit. I think they will both continue to win.” 50 years speaking to the Croatian news agency HINA.The Serbian will not be able to compete during the next month of August and September in this aforementioned cement tour, due to his non-vaccination against the covid-19and the regulations of the USA to prohibit entry to the country to anyone who is not vaccinated. In addition, it is still unknown if he will also be able to participate in the next edition of the Open the Australiaprimer Grand Slam of 2023 where this year he was also banned from competing. Faced with his pupil’s decision not to get vaccinated, Goran defends his ideals and does not see him as an anti-vaccine leader, as some do: “When there are people who proclaim him as a leader or as someone who exerts a bad influence on people, they are wrong. He does not want to be vaccinated, he does not want to get involved that in the body, but he has never said that the rest do not get vaccinated. I respect and support his decision.”



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