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Japan’s number one men’s singles Kento Momota back into the conversation because of controversial activities outside the arena. Here’s a row of Kento Momota’s controversies.

The athlete who is ranked second in the BWF rankings is still Japan’s mainstay in various tournaments. Momota with Kante Tsuneyama and Kodai Naraoka took turns attending several prestigious championships throughout 2022.

But Japan still hangs the fate of the men’s singles in Momota’s hands. This makes the 27-year-old badminton player always in the spotlight.

Unfortunately, the spotlight targeting Momota in recent years has a negative tendency. Here’s a row of Kento Momota’s controversies:

1. Clubbing in Malaysia

Kento Momota reportedly visited a nightclub in Malaysia last weekend. The news had gone viral because it was spread in the Japanese mass media.

The news was first reported by Japanese media, Xuan. In his news, Xuan revealed several photos of Momota at a club.

Momota has more free time because he decided to miss the Singapore Open 2022. The Japanese men’s singles are represented by Kodai Naraoka and Koki Watanabe.

One of the highlights is Momota’s gesture in a photo that looks like he is embracing a woman. The photo drew mixed reactions including from fans who were worried that his achievements would decline due to Momota’s nightlife.

Fan comments also linked the Kento Momota accident incident at the 2020 Malaysia Masters. As a result, he was injured while the bus driver Momota was traveling with died.

Kento Momota won the men’s singles Malaysia Masters 2020. (AP Photo/Kien Huo)

2. Allegedly ‘Gamar’ with Female Athletes in the Dormitory

Kento Momota had become a concern when it was suspected that he received female athletes in the dormitory in 2018.

The athlete in question is Japanese women’s doubles Yuki Fukushima. The two were reportedly in a relationship at the time.

However, controversy arose when the Japanese Anti-Doping Agency (JADA) was conducting random doping tests on athletes. However, when JADA came to Fukushima’s room, the athlete in question was not in his room.

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But in the end, it was known that Fukushima had left Momota’s room. CCTV footage is one proof that Fukushima stopped by Momota’s room.

This rumor circulated wildly because the NTT East Japan Company Promotion Office or a company affiliated with Momota stated that Fukushima only stopped by Momota’s room for a brief discussion.

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